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Executive Coaching

"Coaching with Rebecca is a creative, supportive, exciting experience…she acts as a mirror, helping me see myself, my language, and my world view more clearly. Then I can decide what is working for me and what I am ready to discard. This has led me to the realization of things only long dreamt about!"                                                                               RRC Coaching Client

Executives in today’s world are facing the demands of a constantly changing environment, the need for an expanding knowledge base and the vicissitudes of employee relations. RRC offers one-on-one coaching that supports the executive and/or the executive team in gaining new awareness and skill, improved communication and management process, all leading to greater effectiveness. This highly personalized service saves hours wasted on trial and error, and achieves lasting results.

Rebecca Reynolds is a dynamic and insightful coach in her work with both executive leadership teams and individuals. She is known for getting to the essence of the matter and aiding the client to make lasting changes, instead of simply learning yet another technique. Rebecca supports leaders in increasing their capability in strategic thinking, effective management and communication, and in the development of precise actions—in short, on providing exceptional leadership in their organizations and communities.

RRC coaching clients are generally accomplished, mature professionals addressing career transition/expansion issues, the further development of leadership capability, and the realization of personal potential.

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching of the individual allows for profound transformation to occur. The one-on-one coaching relationship is unique in that it assumes high capability on the part of the client and seeks to bring about mastery in areas where it is desired and has not yet been achieved. Coaching is both synergistic and focused, meaning that whatever issues or areas of the individual’s life are affecting the desired result can be incorporated into the process, and that the way in which these issues are addressed will be specific enough to realize definitive results. Coaching can also address issues that may be difficult to get at in any other way, thereby producing results that have seemed impossible to achieve.

Team Coaching

RRC also offers team coaching. Coaching takes place with the executive team as they work to experience how they communicate, make decisions and overall interact with each other. RRC supports the team in designing ways to increase its functionality and effectiveness as a collective leadership body. This may mean developing better systems and processes for decision-making (governance) and meeting management; it may also mean addressing group dynamics and communication, or stepping back to re-examine the overall vision and values underlying the team’s work. Whatever the issues, RRC works with team members to help them realize their highest potential as a leadership entity.