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Project Examples for this ServiceCapital Campaigns

"We hired Rebecca to do fundraising consultation with our board. In two short sessions, she was able to perceive exactly what dynamics were operating in the room, and lead us to an open and productive way of addressing the issues that were really blocking us. Her ability to perceive is extraordinary."
Colorado Mountain College, Catto Center for Excellence in Leadership

There is enormous risk for an organization first taking on a capital campaign: will we be able to reach our goal? How will we manage public opinion to ensure our success? Will operations suffer while so much focus is elsewhere?

There is also enormous opportunity: we will give our supporters and our community a unique and valuable cause to get behind. We will have a chance to showcase our organization in a new way. We will mature as an institution through the achievement of such a significant goal.

RRC knows the stages of capital campaigns—the pitfalls, the needs, what works, what doesn’t—and provides invaluable guidance that transforms client risk into client advantage.

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