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USDA Forest Service, Region 8

The Southern Region of the USDA Forest Service (Region 8) manages 13 million acres of federal land in 13 states and Puerto Rico. The leadership body for the region is made up of some 45 Regional Directors and Forest Supervisors and headed by the Regional Forester. The Regional Forester wanted to increase the capability of his leadership team including their ability to work together, to effectively lead the region, and to manage their business strategically.

RRC was hired to design and facilitate four team meetings over an 18-month period to transform the way the team thought about their leadership role and how they implemented it for the benefit of the region.

As a result of this work, the leadership team clarified their charter, put in place a leadership structure within the group that supports shared and strategic decision-making among all 45 members, and developed a strategic framework to establish regional priorities and guide resource allocation. The strategic framework is also a guiding document for the entire region as each Regional Director and Forest Supervisor is accountable to link their efforts to it.

Click here to visit the USDA Forest Service, Region 8 website or download the Strategic Framework document directly here.