"Oh boy, my Favorite!"

Have you seen the Dog’s Diary from which this quotation comes? If not, click here. The point is, here are some of Rebecca’s favorite web travel spots for inspiration, ideas, enlightenment and just plain fun. Enjoy!

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  A treasure trove of mind candy. In minutes, expand your mind. It’s a great break and a way to travel without security checks!

  The simplest yet most profound method I've found to transform one’s thinking and open the heart. Four questions and a turn around. Give it a try!
  The marine research organization whose founder discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: an area of ocean twice the size of Texas full of plastic. Learn about this pollution and its effects.
  One of the most awesome and awe-inspiring collection of photographs of this, our world. Get lost here for awhile and see sights that will amaze, touch, intoxicate and humble you.
A fantastic place to stay when in Nashville. This historic train station has been stunningly renovated into a magnificent hotel—way beyond the conventional!
  An up and coming artist of great talent and deep effect. Acrylic and mixed media.
A fearsome poet who stirs the soul and reads like a bard of old. Poetry lover or not, check him out. You’ll be glad you did.
Vivian Maier   A street photographer with an unerring eye. This prodigious talent was discovered posthumously in 2007 when the contents of her storage locker were sold at auction. Treasure!
MonicaBillBarnes    Monica Bill Barnes & Co. gives an exuberant, irreverent, and downright hilarious dance experience. They've thrown out what we thought dance was, as well as the tutus - prepare yourself!
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