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"Rebecca was amazing; highly skilled at capturing the essence of complex ideas. She is energetic and a delight to work with!"
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Natural ResourcesIn 1997, RRC was contracted for the first time by the USDA Forest Service for a strategic planning project. This was RRC's first public sector project. The segue from the nonprofit arena to that of the government proved to be an interesting cultural change for RRC. In the end though, the commonalities far outweighed the differences and made for a natural transition. What the two arenas shared were the dynamics of team leadership, the desire to well serve the public good, and the need for neutral and intelligent guidance.

The work that resulted from that first Forest Service project was characterized as watershed by the group and formed the basis of all their subsequent annual meetings. RRC's positive impact led to a wide range of projects within the Forest Service, in all areas of the agency and with all leadership levels.

RRC’s success within the Forest Service resulted in the firm being contracted by other natural resource agencies, both federal and state, including the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Environmental Protection Agency and the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Many of these projects have concentrated in the natural resources, involving issues related to air quality, fire and fire effects, watershed restoration and maintenance, water quality, agriculture, climate change, and others.

Notably, this specialization in natural resource management includes projects on policy development like those for the Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP), for which Rebecca’s work received commendation from the WRAP Co-Chairs; the landmark Forest and Watershed Health Plan for the State of New Mexico; and first-time Smoke Management Programs for the States of Wyoming and New Mexico, both of which included new regulations.

Through these and other projects, RRC has earned a reputation for outstanding design and management of challenging decision-making processes that involve broad stakeholder participation and result in consensus-based products.

RRC principal, Rebecca Reynolds, has gained a reputation for her rapid understanding and assessment of projects dealing with complex natural resource issues and for her well-rounded literacy in the context, policy and issues that define them.

RRC also works with the leaders of these agencies on increasing their capability in strategic thinking, effective management and communication, and the development of precise actions—in short, on providing exceptional leadership in their organizations and communities. RRC's background in natural resource issues and knowledge of the various agencies charged with this work makes for an exceptional resource in achieving the next level of leadership excellence.