“By assisting individuals, teams and institutions to do what they do better, with greater ease, more creativity, and a deeper sense of accomplishment, I add to their contribution to the community, to society and to the world. I will never make a safer car, cure a disease, save a fragile ecosystem or feed the hungry, but my clients will and do. And they do so better, faster, and bigger because of RRC. This is my mission and my great passion."

~ Rebecca Reynolds

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About RRC

Rebecca Reynolds Consulting, Inc. (RRC) was founded in 1991. Since that time the firm has developed, managed and implemented hundreds of projects on a wide variety of issues for clients in the public and private sectors. The firm has vast experience working with groups of all sizes in many contexts toward diverse outcomes, with results consistently exceeding client expectations. The company specializes in three major areas of focus; please click on the links below to read more about each.

Leadership Development Organizational Transformation Collaborative
Process Management®

About Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds is President and Founder of RRC. She is a highly sought-after consultant, trainer and coach, who specializes in planning, group process, and stakeholder participation. Rebecca brings more than 20 years of experience to her work, as well as a passion for learning, for engaging all kinds of people, and for creating amazing results. ... More about Rebecca ...