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Project Examples in this Focus AreaCollaborative Process Management®

Collaborative Process ManagementThe most important planning and policy issues of our time demand the sustained involvement of a broad spectrum of interests to arrive at the best solution. RRC specializes in Collaborative Process Management® (CPM): the development and implementation of inclusive, engaging, results-oriented processes that produce meaningful outcomes.

RRC offers unique expertise in the management of complex decision-making processes that involve a broad range of stakeholder interests. RRC developed CPM in response to client demand. The premise of CPM is that through keen attention to how a thing is done, what can be accomplished is greater. The success of CPM is based on five integrated components:

    Expert Process Design and Management that works with clients’ goals and resources to achieve desired outcomes. RRC designs process that is both responsive and inclusive, which virtually eliminates negative backlash. The widespread support that results provides the launching pad for successful implementation.

    Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement and Meeting Facilitation that is equitable, efficient, and participatory. RRC acts as the informed neutral agent, the sole focus of which is to ensure that all participants are able to make a meaningful contribution to the process and therefore have ownership of the final product. RRC’s facilitation style is dynamic, focused and synergistic, with the exceptional ability to bring about consensus and proactive decision-making.

    Technical and Policy Understanding and Linkage that builds on the momentum of each stage of the process to assess progress and incorporate unforeseen opportunities. While RRC’s expertise is process, the firm is highly adept at addressing technical subject matter, bridging it to the larger policy level issues involved.

    Effective, Audience-Oriented Communication that fosters awareness and understanding of project goals and key messages. RRC ensures a comprehensive communications plan is developed that addresses the target audience(s). RRC is known for the inclusiveness of its processes that provide a range of opportunities for input and result in broad support.

    Well-Conceived and Drafted Written Products and Other Communication that serve to document and help implement the process results. These include meeting reports, PPTs, websites, news media materials, photography, handouts, and of course, the final written product. The on-time completion of final products is considered a primary objective of all RRC projects, and is one of the many assets the company brings to its clients.

CPM is made up of the combined RRC services of advanced facilitation capability, superior organizational skills, high level strategic thinking and attention to detail, excellent communication ability, and effective public outreach methodology.

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